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Are you a Star Trek fan? Well, the answer doesn't matter much, because here at Star Trek Wiki you can share your knowledge or browse the site in search of more. Ready for a heated debate? Star Trek Wiki just got better with The United Federation of Planetschatrooms. We even have our own toolbar! Cynical? Think the future doesn't have room for a fantasy the whole world wants to share? We've got Star Trek Science battling it out with Real Life, and some hard Trekking for those who couldn't really care less about the real world. Then again, if you want to know what the real world thinks, just check out our polls. This site is a wiki, which means anyone can edit this FREE resource and add to the collective knowledge of everyone here, even anonymously. If you don't know anything about Star Trek, you could still give us feedback on TBC pages, locking proposals etc. Read and contribute to any of these pages and many more:

Alien Species | Science | Geography | The Guardians of Forever | United Federation of Planets | Polls ]

Star TrekIf you want to know about Star Trek, there are well over 100 fan sites which will give you information and maybe a few games as well. If you want to motivate others, and find inspiration in the way you browse, this site is for you. Maybe you want to write about the TV series... You can do so on our sister site, STVRL. And yes, there are actually people behind this. If you want proof, here are two real live humans you can email...

Contact Rockerman (Administrator)Contact Webmaster_2.0 (Creator)

Otherwise, please check out our Talk Pages. [Webmaster_2.0 | Rockerman]

Thanks for your time, and hopefully you will continue to expand and improve this site. Not only do we want to make the Top Wiki list, we want to think that our efforts to get a community going won't fizzle out and die.

Enjoy this site, by the StarTrekWiki Team! For more information about us, or if you want to talk, we can be found at the page "Contact Us"

If you know the site well, then check out our "News" page for information about what's going on here

New: We now have an episode guide. It is still in the creation process, so we need all the help we can get.

What needs work

We have a To Do list of what needs doing, in what order, but remember, there's no need to stick to it! You can edit any page you like - think of this site as permanently 'under construction'. If there's something that you think that you can't do yourself, not being a Moderator, or something along those lines, leave a message on our Talk pages, which you can search for.

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You can't break StarTrekWiki

You can't break a Wiki. It will be mended, and you will be banned.

So why not give the gift of knowledge and start typing what you know about Star Trek?

Or research and learn more about the world of Gene Roddenberry's creation...
We are non-canon, meaning that we have information that is accepted by Paramount, and a little that isn't,
and therefore have a very big database. Spoilers ensue.

We're not the only ones...

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On travaille sur le sujet de traduire de ce site en Français. - Or... we're working on a French translation.

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